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Release a Child from Poverty in  Jesus' name

Skills Development

With our skills development we have been identifying skill gaps, developing the skills of our beneficiaries. In most cases household members who have benefited from this program have had the ability fulfill their plans with success. For instance tailoring. Brick laying and carpentry.

As a grass roots mission, Child Care Empowerment. we are providing effective hands-on-help, where other hands just don't reach. We are one of a few grass roots organization based in Eastern Uganda, offering educational opportunities, as well as humanitarian needs.
Every day new changes are coming and we are making more new friends.
We are encouraged by the support and prayers
Transforming the lives of Children in Uganda
Caring for the most vulnerable in our community



Community based rehabilitation (CBR)

CCE uses the CBR approach to take its services closer to the community, including parents and children in the rehabilitation process as well as using locally available resources to improve the conditions of the children in the communities. With this approach, CCE conducts community outreach clinics in Luuka  and Jinja . Children With Disability (CWDs) are provided with on spot therapy, appliance measurements, training parents in therapeutically activities, and make appropriate referrals.

Our children would love a Sponsor family.
Sponsor a child for just $25.00 USD a month provides for their School fees, clothing, food and health care etc.
Sponsoring a child gives them confidence and hope for the future, knowing they are loved and supported.
Will you please help show the love of Jesus to these little ones?



Micro credit

We believe in the power of the entrepreneurial spirit to transform lives. CCE equips people living in extreme poverty with interest free loans to start sustainable businesses and savings groups. Beneficiaries from our program generate income and savings from their small businesses that improves their standard of living and breaks the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families.

Get Involved

Hi my name is Moses Menya,

I am the founder of Child Care Empowerment.

I am a Minister serving in Jinja Uganda, with 20 children in my care.

My Ministry provides housing, Schooling, food, life skills training health care and Godly teaching. We currently looking to raise funds for an Orphanage. Please consider investing in the Kingdom of God, we will eternally grateful.

Your brother 

Moses Menya

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Marternal  and Child Health


Education Sponsorship

Support the Children

Village saving and loan association

Village saving and loan association

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