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Construction progress of the Orphanage

Moses began his Organization Child Care Empowerment in July 2012, it is his passion to help these children to provide a comfortable and safe home.

He was renting a small house which was very expensive and too small to house all the children.

It has been his dream for the Orphanage to be built and to bring the children together.

The Construction of the Orphanage has finally begun the building process 

the total cost of the build is $25,000, we received a donation of $3000, which we greatly appreciate,

We still have a long way to go, but this is a HUGE start.

This very exciting and we will look forward to seeing the house progress.

It would be wonderful to see the house continue with the building process and completed in the near future

Every dollar counts to make this happen.



Regular updates will be posted and photos of the construction of the House

Construction process  23rd June 2017

The installation of the beams has now been completed, we are now up to installing the roof trusses and roof sheeting, which will start as soon as we have the funds.

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